Black Friday 22 - Mad Max Crew - Black

$ 37.00 $ 55.00


I was never into super heroes growing up. At least not in the typical Superman, Avengers sense. They were just too good.  It was never quite my vibe. 

Mad Max, however, is much more what I align with. In the face of his harsh reality, he still stands defiant against death, never giving up. As long as he can breathe and wake up, he’s still in the fight. 

Plus Mad Max is f*cking awesome. 

Why is he defiant? Because he’s NOT DEAD YET.

Size Reference
Matt is 6' and 230ish and in 2XL
Lindsey is 5’8.75999” and 165lb and in L
Bonnie is 5'3" and 135lb and in S