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Ready for anything you can throw at them, and guaranteed to add +10 to enthusiasm and fun, our 5" inseam gives you a bit more quad to show off and are action ready. Built with 4-Way stretch and a new zipper back pocket to keep all of your goods secured, these shorts are made to kick ass in the gym, at the beach, or around the house

Whether you are going to squat, paddle board, wake surf, hike, swim, or run, slap these bad boys on and get ready to give boredom a scissor kick straight to the bottom bits. So, take back summer, have fun, and always party in the new FLOWER BOMB GOAT Shorts.

GOAT Shorts Upgrades for 2021 include:

  • 5" Inseam with the famous gussets that allow for roundhouse kicking things in high places
  • Fancy Fresh Loop in the waistband for the gear you shed while scaling mountains
  • Rear pocket is mesh has a ZIPPER (so you gotta own it when you loose your phone) 
  • Stacked Logo, branded grommets and EVO pistols on the drawstring!

These shorts are the greatest thing we have ever made.   

Size Reference
Matt is 6' 240ish and wearing a Medium here. He likes em snug cause blast them quads.