Ultimate Jogger - RED

$ 48.00


This color brings out more emotion in people than any other color.  High energy is also associated with this powerful and passionate color.  It motivates us to take action.

Going forward into a NEW YEAR stay focused on taking action toward your goals.  WELCOME THAT FIRE INTO YOUR LIFE!!!We also did some cool embroidery on hoodie and joggers.

We started our journey down the Cut and Sew apparel rabbit hole three years ago with the original GOAT shorts.  As we are constantly trying to improve our products and brand, we are stoked to share our newest CUT AND SEW item, the ULTIMATE JOGGERS.

I modeled these off of our Every Day Joggers, or the EDJs.  I maintained a very similar cut to these joggers and added in the stretchy elastic cuff at the ankles.  The biggest change is the material.  This material is incredibly soft and stretchy.  4 way stretch with a feel like the softest cotton ever.  These pants are “10 ply” my friends.  If you don’t know what 10 ply is (look it up).  I digress, but they are super soft and light weight.  We wanted them to feel almost like a jersey cotton material comparable to our soft shirts.  

I have been wearing the prototype for everything, from runs, travel, lounging, coaching, seminars, olympic lifting, and general training.  Since I got the sample for these joggers, I have worn them more than any other pants I own.  

These Ultimate Joggers are so comfortable and we know how much you will love them.  If they are not your favorite pair when you put them on, send them back and we will refund you.  That is our ULTIMATE COMFORT GUARANTEE.

Size Reference
Matt is 6' and 230ish and in L
Cass is 5’4 and 130lb and in M