We have had numerous people inquiring about the shipping of the 'LA Fight the Flood' fund raiser shirts. I want to keep you all up to date.

As we noted on the purchase page, we are creating the shirts as they were ordered. This allows us to maximize the donations and not over-produce and have wasted materials. After 24 hours we started making 500 shirts; those are completed and are being packed and shipped. Right behind that we have 1000 more shirts being finished tomorrow. They will be in transit tomorrow, to be packed and ship right behind the first 500, with the final few hundred printing to finish it out.

Due to our store setup, We had to start printing the labels to fill these orders the day after the sale began. We postdate them on our end to show the estimated ship date. Then we are able to sort all these order and get them ready for us to fulfill and ship them in as timely a manner as possible. Sadly the stores auto-generated email doesn’t show that to you the customer. It just sends you a tracking number and then you see it not going anywhere.

Rest assured your shirt is on the way. The minute we have them in the warehouse we will start folding them and packing them to get out to you all. Your tracking number will then go live and you will be able to follow the packages progress to you. Most of you that will only be a couple days.

Thank you again for helping with such an amazing fund raiser. The amount you all gave was well above and beyond what was expected.