Bonschro Collection - Bra - Black Ribbed Essentials

$ 28.00


A few quick notes about this set from Bonnie:

Firstly, I appreciate everyone’s patience while we took the time getting EVERYTHING right with this set. I know it’s been a minute since we dropped any women’s gear but trust me, this one is worth the wait.

Way softer than any ribbed fabric you’ve ever felt before. This low impact, adjustable T back sports bra is going to let your back have all the space it needs while looking incredibly sleek and minimalistic.

The elastic free waistband on the mid-high rise leggings ensures that they lay perfectly smooth and makes you feel 🔥 in and out of the gym.

This gorgeous ribbed set is sure to be a new essential in your wardrobe!

Size Reference:
Bonnie is 5’2” and 135lb and S for the BRA and XS for the LEGGINGS
Maddy is 5’1" and 126lb and S for the BRA and S for the LEGGINGS
Charlie is 6’5 and 263lb and XXL for the BRA and XXL for the LEGGINGS