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All the challenges I see in front of me, from training to life, will continue to get bigger the longer I stay pushing forward. The reward for hitting a new PR is a reset of goals. You always have to be willing to turn off the fire to chase the next thing. 

That fire will continue to grow with your progress.  It will continue to rage the more you nurture it.  As this internal inferno builds, you get better at managing the blaze. Be ready to burn a goal down and focus that new fire on the next.  That heat that you have grown accustomed to controlling will be too large for your next obstacle, purpose, challenge, build, or problem. 

Those challenges are coming.

If you’re trying to do hard things in your life and be the best, you get used to them. To begin building a fire that can’t be stopped, start by burning kindling, not trees. Find more enormous challenges to test that fire and GIVE EM HELL, my friends.

Size Reference
Model 1 (Linda) is 4'11", 120lb, and in S
Model 2 (Cole) is 6'1", 190lb, and in L
Model 3 (Bonnie) is 5'3", 135lb, and in S
Model 4 (Matt) is 6', 240lbs and in XL