GOAT Shorts SHORTIES - Splatter

$ 50.00


In a world of complainers, finger pointers, and loud mouths.  Remember to be different.  Stay focused on your goals and have fucking fun. Also paint tastes less delicious than it looks. 

Our most extreme length for extreme people. Establish quad dominance. Perfect length for all awesome activities from lifting to hiking to ping pong. No more pulling your shorts up looking like a diaper. 

Men and women approved!  The best shorts for the best you. 

  • 4 way stretch, quick dry, and ready for action. 
  • 3" Inseam with the famous gussets that allow for roundhouse kicking things in high places
  • Fancy Fresh Loop in the waistband for the gear you shed while scaling mountains
  • Rear pocket is mesh has a ZIPPER (so you gotta own it when you loose your phone)