$ 50.00


Friday the 13th is right up there with Halloween as good times for all. We celebrate our favorite horror characters. Patrick Bateman will always be one of my favorites. 

Our 2023 Slashers is the last with any HVIII branding on it and themed on American Psycho. This is not an exit.

Be ready for anything in this life. Always Party

4 way stretch, quick dry, and ready for action. 

Upgrades include:

  • 5" Inseam with the famous gussets that allow for roundhouse kicking things in high places
  • Fancy Fresh Loop in the waistband for the gear you shed while scaling mountains
  • Rear pocket is mesh has a ZIPPER (so you gotta own it when you loose your phone) 
  • Stacked Logo, branded grommets

Size Reference
Matt is 6' 230ish and wearing an L
Lindsey is 5’8.75999” and 165lb and in L for a loose fit