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There are so many different barriers we run into everyday. But breaking down obstacles into things you can control or things you can’t is a key for continued progress. We can’t control a ton of shit like, pandemics, layoff, genetics, or setbacks from injury. What we can control is, how much effort we put in to making progress.

No matter what the starting point is or what the goal is, your effort toward accomplishing it is solely in your hands. This control of how hard I work, how much can I  focus, or how do I get more efficient so I can get more done in the same amount of time? The ability to continue to grind is what separates people who reach their goals and those of us who succumb to it not happening in our lifetime. 

Keep focused on the work and making progress over yesterday. Do a bit more. Get better at things. Keep learning. OUTWORK EVERYONE!!!

Size Reference
Matt is 6' and 230ish and in XL
Bonnie is 5'3" and 135lb and in S
Maddy is 5'1" and 126lb and in S