OYS Essentials Collection - NOT DEAD YET - HOODIE - TAN

$ 30.00 $ 65.00


We believe in total accountability.  The designing, creating, and making of this Essentials line has been really exciting as it feels like a change for HVIII.  We're really excited about the NOT DEAD YET and the vibes of the whole collection.  

We're very excited about updating our branding for another year.  The Essentials have been an opportunity to create for those who live in our universe like we do. Those who want to be in it. We love creating the seasonal lines as they are more everyday wearables. They are a chance we feel like we get to actually create a brand and not just graphic tees. We love the challenge of it, thinking of the vibe and what story we are telling with our seasonal gear. 

As we have come to see time and time again, life will be a cycle of ups and downs.  Some days will be more challenging than others.  And with full excitement, details sometimes get missed. And of course, it’s a simple one we should have caught.  We misspelled HVIII. Dropped an I and turned into H7 just like that.   

So here it is. We caught it too late. We fucked up. We allowed this mistake. It’s a great reminder to slow down and do the small things perfectly. This is something we can control. This can easily be fixed and never missed again. This is a learning opportunity. 

As it is a mistake on our end, we am going to drop the price of all of this “OWN YOUR SHIT” Essentials down 40%. GOAT Shorts for the day (3/10) will also be discounted 40% 

Whatever we don’t have sold at the end of its run, we will donate to our friends out there in need.  

*side note … it’s kinda like getting an Easter egg design that shouldn’t have got out. Glass is half full. 

Grab all 4 pieces of the OYS Collection (Tshirt, Long sleeve, Hoodie, Joggers) and receive the Southwest Duffle on us! (Just add it and you'll see a discount applied)

Size Reference
Kelsey is 5' 9", 145lbs and wearing L
Avery is 5' 11", 190lbs and wearing L

Bonnie is 5'3" 135lb, and wearing S
Matt is 6', 240lb and wearing an XL