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Something about the matching sweat suit vibe has always been cool, from Run-DMC to your favorite Russian gangster. I was wondering what our HVIII Brand version of that jumpsuit would be, so here it is.

You choose the vibe. Either black and mysterious like a cozy modern wizard, or purple and ready to party like Barney, if Barney was really f*cking cool, that is.  All the logos are embroidered on, and topped off with custom HVIII eyelets and drawstrings to bring it into reality.

These have been really fun and we find ourselves loving the full sweat suit vibes.

These are the same cut as our Ultimate Joggers, which are modeled off of our Every Day Joggers, or the EDJs. The material is incredibly soft and stretchy.  4 way stretch with a feel like the softest cotton ever.  These pants are “10 ply” my friends.  If you don’t know what 10 ply is (look it up). They are super soft and light weight.  We wanted them to feel almost like a jersey cotton material comparable to our soft shirts.  

Sizing Reference
Male Model is 6' 240lb and wears L and likes them snug.
Female Models are 5'3" 135lb, and 5'1" 121lb  and both wear S