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Perhaps wasting a ton of energy trying to convert lead to gold isn’t a great pursuit in itself, but at its core, alchemy is a transformational process not completely based on science or magic. This type of magic does come through in our lives and I bet that you’ve all experienced it to some extent. 

When could this happen in your life?

It’s moments where the combination of people, environment, food, and/or vibe all create something bigger than the sum of its parts. It is truly magic. 

This moment came in a past week that was spent in Alaska with an incredible group of people.  The change for me came through an interesting and challenging week.

This trip to Alaska was a wet one.  5 nights of our trip were spent camping and 4 days of that was in constant rain. This added to the challenge of embracing the trip. Once I let go and submitted to letting go of expectations of the trip I had made up, I found it to be exactly the trip I needed, and not the one I wanted.

Sleeping outside is one of my favorite things and has always brought me back to center. The reminder of how much I have, and how happy I can be with less always shifts me to positive vibrations for my existence.

I have a lot of gratitude for the MAGIC that’s come from challenging hikes in the rain, sleeping while slightly damp all the time, and a week with completely new stimuli.  All these things have come together and set some clear focus for the upcoming months.

Not a single experience of this trip by itself is as powerful as the combination of it and the people we shared it with. 

It reminds me that I can slow down and be in control. This week's journaling about the trip will solidify a lot of those feelings I want to leave the adventure with. To pretend that there isn’t a MAGIC in travel is bonkers. I’m here to experience it all. 

This ALCHEMY not only comes from travel or camping but quality time spent being present

Take this time and think about where this MAGIC exists in your life.  If the things you’re doing, the people you're around, and the challenges you face don’t make you better, it’s time to start finding ones that do.


Never settle for thinking good enough is as good as it gets. Stop thinking wanting more from yourself is selfish.  Stop limiting your dreams based on someone else’s fears.


Why aren’t you?

August 29, 2022