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There have been times in my life when things were hard (recovering from surgery, troubled relationships, work stress, etc.). 

To get through it, I would tell myself to "Just survive."

I was mainly acknowledging that no matter how I reacted to what was happening right now, it would pass

This was the easy route.

When we're in situations we don't want to be in, we make the mistake of not making a decision to chase progress.

Don't be a person that chooses to wallow in discomfort.

These things are always a test.

Don't let them dictate your present or future.

To get through them now, I focus on time. I know that things will pass in a few weeks or months. So I intentionally make the decision to keep moving forward. No matter how I respond, the clock continues to tick.

I can't stop it, and neither can you.

The ultimate hell for me is a Groundhog Day scenario. Reliving the same routine every day and not making progress on anything. 

There is ALWAYS a first step toward getting out of trouble.

Trouble can be anything: needing to find a new job because you're unhappy, needing to get out of a toxic relationship, needing to move out of an unhealthy living situation, needing to lose weight, or needing to heal from an injury. All of these things are hurdles that require you to look at your own shit.

Don't fall into the trap of thinking someone else controls your life or emotions. Take ownership of it all.

Stay focused on what CAN be done next to resolve the situation.

Keep in mind that no matter what you do, time is passing.

Do you want to be doing the same thing for 6 more months, or do you want to be on the upswing?

That's a choice you have to commit to and dive in.

Operate in chasing progress and not paralyzed by the fear of "what if." Every day you have a chance to take some steps forward.

Some days the momentum will be there, and you will run forward. Other days, you'll crawl.

Just keep doing it.

Be stronger than the thing that's got you down. You’re NOT DEAD YET.

February 06, 2023