I’m no stranger to being injured. Over the years, I’ve collected quite a few. Hell, I’ve even scored an entirely new knee out of it. Oftentimes when I speak about my surgeries and past injuries, people ask me when I think I’ll be back to 100%, but the truth is… 100% looks completely different these days.

It does us no good to sit and compare our current machine to the one we had 10-20 years ago. That person was a completely different version of ourselves, and comparing the two is unfair. I mean, would you want to read a book that revealed the end of the plot line in chapter two? Hell no. That’s because we shouldn’t always view our past selves through the lens of comparison. It’s the same book, you’re just in a different chapter.

The younger version of you may have been faster and stronger, but that doesn’t mean that that’s when your life ends. Contrary to what we learn, your best moments don’t have to be limited to your 20s. 

Life is about the whole journey.

We need to enjoy being whatever our best is at EVERY chapter of life. Each chapter will bring new goals, new ideas, and a new you. 

I'm Matt Vincent and today I am 100% the best version of me.

I’m NOT DEAD YET. We’ll rest when we’re dead.

October 02, 2023