When will you choose to be an adult?  Not the boring, button downed, joyless, responsible, and stressed out dreamless individuals we see in our culture.  

I’m talking about the leaders.  The ones who have snapped out of the lie.  These are the people living that life you want.  These are the ones you hear “must be nice” spoken about.  

Where is the difference?  

These rouge humans realized they don’t need permission.  They don’t follow the standard path.  They see that people on the standard path are miserable, unhealthy, medicated, and addicted to any distraction they can find to disassociate from the lack luster life they are living.  

Those who stay on the path, think they are exchanging saftey and security in place of risk and hard work.  

What a crock of shit.

It’s those who realized if you are not pursuing the life you want.  No one is going to build it for you.  It takes RADICAL ACCOUNTABILITY.  

This is the acceptance of all the consequences that come with your choices.  It’s deciding the weight of that stress is well worth the rewards of actually enjoying the life you’re living and not banking on the lie if one day you can do that after you’ve given 40years of your life building someone else’s.  

I realized after a decade in corporate sales that I’d rather fail chasing my dreams than sell you my life and energy for supposed comfort.  That comfort and eventual inability to take risks is the trap all average people get stuck in.  

“Most men live lives of quiet desperation.”

It’s amazing how many people who are dreaming of more, but are unwilling to do anything about it.  

It saddens me that people lack confidence in themselves to take action that can radically alter their lives in every way.  

Imagine a job you enjoy and want to actually get better at.  Imagine relationships that bring you joy and refill your energy.  Imagine trusting yourself to follow through on any plan you start on.  

Give yourself permission to embark on the path that shapes you into the greatest version of yourself.  What are you waiting for?  The perfect time?  It’s not coming.  Don’t wait for a catastrophe to happen and shatter your illusion of a safe life.  Take the wheel and develop RADICAL ACCOUNTABILITY required for the freedom of living life on your terms.  

Everyday you wait, will make it harder to escape the quicksand of mediocrity.  

Remember in this moment.  

Your beating heart

The air in your lungs

That feeling of “isn’t there more to life?”  



March 08, 2024