What a wild ride it’s been, tearing through Austin, Texas. This city, dripping with the eclectic and the bizarre, has schooled me in the beauty of embracing the weird.

Chasing experiences is my jam, but how I jam has evolved. It used to be about new sights and bites; now, it’s the people, their energy, the raw, unfiltered connections that juice me up.

Austin’s vibe? It’s like everyone’s tapped into a deeper frequency. Spiritual sessions, therapy talks, diving into plant medicine—it’s all on the table. But for me, it ain’t just about the rituals; it’s the raw authenticity. You’ll hear plenty of noise about transformation, about hitting enlightenment like it's a checklist item. But it’s the real deal seekers, those truly wrestling with change, who hit a nerve with me.

Peeling off from Austin, I’m always hit with a reality slap: How much of that beautiful weirdness am I packing with me? It ain’t just about soaking up the culture; it’s about weaving it into my own fabric, letting it push my growth to new freaky heights.

2017 was a game-changer, rolling with Kyle Kingsbury. The guy’s a fortress of strength and consistency, a living, breathing manifesto of what it means to live fully charged. He’s been a mirror, showing me the dude I wanna be: steadfast, positive, eyes wide open to my own mess but hell-bent on evolving.

This trip’s cracked me open. Between breathwork dives and wellness retreats, I’ve peeled back layers I didn’t know I had. For the first time, I’m not just proud of what I’ve done but who I am. It’s a whole new flavor of self-respect.

Dodging the mediocrity trap demands ballsy moves. My dreams, my life, they crave the best of me. And I’ve tasted the magic that unfurls when you charge ahead with purpose.

Austin, you glorious freakshow, you’ve stamped your mark on me, and damn, I’m richer for it. Here’s to the weird, the wonderful, and embracing the wildly unexpected.

April 29, 2024