Our modern life has cozied up to comfort so much that it's lost its zest. Once upon a time, the mere concept of constant comfort—endless food, shelter without fear, a life free from famine—would've been an unimaginable luxury. Now, with our basic needs excessively met, our battleground has shifted inward, to the realms of anxiety, depression, and self-worth. And here’s the kicker: we've begun mistaking internal discomfort for actual, physical danger.

Our ancestors faced real threats; they prepared, they battled. Now, devoid of external enemies, our internal struggles amplify, and in the absence of true danger, our bodies can’t tell the difference. Distractions, avoidance, or numbing the discomfort—these are not victories; they’re retreats. They wire us for a constant fight or flight, blurring the line between a tough chat and a saber-toothed tiger.

But here’s the flip: The abundance in our lives isn't a curse; it's a bounty we've stopped cherishing. Recognizing and celebrating our fortunes can shift our focus from what's demanding change to the marvels already at our doorstep.

Choosing discomfort has been my game-changer. Through journaling, cold plunges, saunas, psychedelics, meditation, training, and embracing the new, I've learned that discomfort isn’t a monster; it's just uncharted territory. Our society doesn't applaud the struggle, only the outcome. But in these small doses of daily discomfort, the narrative shifts. Obstacles morph from threats back to mere challenges, something to be navigated, not feared.

I don’t relish my morning cardio, but I chase the reward: the afterglow, the health benefits, the energy surge, and the resilience it builds for life’s inevitable storms.

It's about making a conscious choice to lean into discomfort, distinguishing it from true danger, and embracing the growth it brings. Volunteer for discomfort, not as punishment, but as education.

This is not about being pushed into discomfort; it’s about stepping into it willingly, eyes wide open, ready to learn and evolve. It’s about dismantling the fear, piece by piece, and reconstructing a life not just survived, but thrived in, on our own damn terms.

May 13, 2024