"What's my purpose? Damn, that's heavy. It's like deciphering the blueprint of your existence, crafted by some grand architect."

Purpose is about exploring your potential. It's about what you can build, create, change, and experience to evolve into your best self, living a life that resonates with happiness, health, and authenticity.

Too often, we let others' expectations overshadow our own desires. As an athlete, I don't see my goals as my purpose; they simply infuse my efforts with direction, allowing me to be deliberate in my actions and energy each day.

True freedom arises when purpose isn't tethered to a job, income, or identity. I've owned million-dollar brands, run retail businesses, and had a successful sales career. But none of these defined my purpose; rather, they served as vehicles for shaping the life I aspire to live.

Purpose emerges when action meets intention. Waiting for a bolt of inspiration is futile. Take deliberate steps, set meaningful goals, and infuse your life with purpose. Ensure that every action you take is deliberate, driven by clear direction, and aligned with your aspirations.

"Your purpose isn't tied to a job or income; it's about breaking free from others' expectations and crafting a life that's unapologetically yours."

"Stop waiting for inspiration to strike. Purpose isn't found—it's forged through deliberate actions and ruthless self-direction."

June 17, 2024