Monday Motivation

So much energy is wasted on pointing fingers and bullshit. We have a propensity to focus on negative shit, criticisms, and tend to point out others’ shortcomings to validate our own lack of progress. Or if seeing someone else’s struggle makes you feel good about yourself, I suggest you start checking this mentality.

Take accountability for your life. 100% responsible and accountable.

We are not created equal in any way. Not our ability or the resources we are born with. What doesn’t change is that someone with less than you started with has in fact done more. This isn’t a stab at you. This is a reminder that it’s not “impossible.” It’s proof that it can be done. If someone else can do it. So can you.

One way to start shifting this into a positive light and growth instead of scarcity-based thinking is this: view others people's successes as proof that success is possible. Stop looking at all the reasons why you can’t and focus on just the one proof that shows you that it can be done.

Build up the people around you. Reach out and tell them great job. Tell people you’re stoked on their stoke. Be inspired to do more. Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to succeed and are genuinely happy for your success.

Realize you are at the wheel of your life and in control of all your actions and reactions.

The job you don’t like.
People you don’t want to be around.
Or any negative draining bullshit.

Get away from it or start formulating a plan to escape it. This is the best way. No tolerance for any negative, petty bullshit. Only stoked on positives.

Build a fire that rages on from the energy you put in. This inferno in you can continue to grow. Whatever you think you can or can’t do, you’re right. Only you can change your life.

Time is ticking. The sooner you can shift into having love for the people around you, and not looking at everything as a competition, the better life flows. Use your existence wisely.

The other shift is understanding how to save your energy. Ask yourself this. Are you giving any energy to bullshit that doesn’t matter or serve you? For example, if you know someone that is always negative and brings you down, get the fuck away from these people. Don’t give them access to your energy. Protect it. That way you can spend it on shit that makes you happier, and not on the negative or be focused on someone else’s problems.

I recently have had moments on my story post where I want to share stoke for you. Tell me what’s going awesome for you. I don’t care if it’s 3 days of consistency or your business just set sales records. If you’re happy about it, working toward progress, and want someone to virtually be stoked for you. I’m your dude. Send me a dm telling me. I’ll be stoked for you.

It’s easy to want to grow and focus on progress when the people around you act and operate the same way. In fact, it’s magical. This sense of togetherness from your close people will only propel you forward with positive momentum.



February 28, 2022