Monday Motivation Logo

When we start to change, the first thing we do is add things to our list or take away things we already do that we want to stop.

Clean up the diet. I’m going to read more. I’m going to train everyday. I’m going to stop drinking. And so on.

These changes spike a great feeling in us. However, that feeling doesn’t continue every time you do the thing or avoid it. That reward center doesn’t naturally continue to give a shit. This is why it’s hard to hold the line of the changes you desire.

What does the “coach” voice that’s in you sound like? Is it a voice that pushes you through workouts, or is it a voice that’s mean to you all the time? This internal voice is an important part of being a motivated human. However, it can get in the way of progress as well. If your coach is such a harsh critic, it’s no doubt that you are less likely to try new things.

This fear of sucking, hating being bad, being embarrassed, and god forbid people seeing that you don’t know what you’re doing. Which, you don’t. 

You’re going to suck at new things. That’s how it works. You do it and get better. No matter the starting point, you can improve with consistency and repetition.

Since that voice you have inside is still you, work on rewiring it. Celebrate simply trying new things. Celebrate finding our weaknesses since that points the compass in the direction for things we can improve on. Not just physically for training but the same goes for relationships. Business also operates the same way. 

Find something new this week. Continue to celebrate that willingness to try something to change. Let go of the comparison to someone else’s path. Celebrate you. Don’t wait or depend on external validation. You do this because you give a shit. That is the only thing that matters.

You chose this to be better. 

No one has to agree.

You can do it alone.

You can do more than you think. 

So when you're out of options to find what you love or for something to set your soul on fire, remember that the fire is already in there. You have to find out how to stoke it. No one else can.


March 07, 2022