HVIII Brand Goods started in 2014 and was birthed out of my complete obsession with strength sports. The message was clearly stating that to be my best, I‘d have to eliminate my weak spots. This first part, a very crucial step, is being aware of your limiting factors. 

This worked exceptionally well when I was in pursuit of Highland Games championships. Not just playing to my strengths, but also spending more time in the fight improving my worst events. 

When my time as a competitive athlete ended in 2016, I continued to apply the same strategy to my quest of getting out of pain. Eventually, I’d use this same method to identify my personal bullshit that’s holding me back in relationships, business, and personal growth, refusing to hide behind my ego and choosing to get better at everything I can.

This HVIII has continued to grow and bleed into all aspects of my existence. I am fully accountable to this life and all the days ahead of me

For me to be my best and achieve my dreams, I have to eliminate and improve constantly.  The parts of me that hold me back are my enemy. 

There has to be a zero tolerance for my own bullshit. Not letting my ego justify a bad diet, being lazy, or a lack of growth. 

HVIII has continued to evolve just as I have. 

Creating content and apparel to eliminate your excuses through movement, mindset, and motivation not just for sport, but also for your life. 

Crafting products that will perform with you in this pursuit is our passion. 

From our GOAT shorts that are ready for literally anything, graphic tees that can be worn in and out of the gym, reminding you of your goals, or bags that empower better experiences of travel and adventure. We want you chasing your greatness.

Remember, nothing is impossible and everything great is really hard. Keep showing up and kicking everyday in the dick.

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Matt Vincent

March 28, 2022