The clean and simple design of a Topographic map has always been a good look. Somewhere organic in shape, similar to that of a wood grain, but for the planet and terrain.  I love looking at maps like this and letting the flood of adventurous ideas run crazy.  

Fall always feels like that break in the weather where the outdoors are more welcoming to us for exploration.  These are perfect for all the training your going to do and anything else you want to throw at them.  

Our ladies contour version is brand new.  We are stoked to start bringing our patterns form the goat shorts to our most popular women's shorts.  These shorts are double lined and mid height.  Also the legs do a great job of staying in place and not trying to creep to places we would rather them not venture.  

We are also dropping our TOPO micro fiber towel.  These towels have been tested for everything.  They make awesome beach towel, yoga towel, and of course they work great for a gym towel.  While we were out on our 8 week road trip these towels served as our everyday towels for river baths and truck showers.  Super absorbent and quick drying.  These are great for any adventure kit you keep ready to go. 


Check it all out Thursday at 3PM CST.
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October 13, 2020