Part one of our Black Friday collection: Memento Mori… remember you must die. Make no mistake, the clock is ticking and one day we’ll have to face the end. But, when we finally learn to accept this idea, we find the realization that every day matters and the opportunity to pursue what we love isn’t later, it’s NOW.  How will you spend your time?
We’re all about putting our best foot forward, every. f*cking. Day. For the second piece in our Black Friday collection, we have an ode to a HVIII classic, our brand and life mantra, Kick Today in the D!CK. We’ve run with this tag line for years with our coffee mugs, but never before have we printed it on our apparel. We’ve created an entire kit, joggers, t-shirt, and hoodie. So, grab ‘em all, and step out to let the world know that you’re not taking any shit from the day.
Complete BLACK FRIDAY 2021 List
Memento Mori - Long Sleeve
Memento Mori - Hoodie
Kick Today in the D!ck - Tshirt
Kick Today in the D!ck - Hoodie
Kick Today in the D!ck - Joggers
GOAT Shorts - Dark Floral
Strong AF Duffle - Black Rune
5 Panel Camp Hat - Black
Black Friday Preview of All Items
November 22, 2021