While we are now officially holding on to the last hot days of summer, fall is rapidly approaching.  While out in the woods yesterday for a rip, started see leaves changing, temps drop a bit, and well hopefully the world will chill the fuck out with Fall coming in.  

Here at HVIII we got a few tricks up our sleeves.  
Starting this right this week we are kicking it off.  

Thursday 9/10 3PM CST

4 Brand new graphic tees with our Sharp Logo with a drippy twist.  While we were on the road in Montana this Summer I was gifted a rad shirt from an ice-cream shop.  The shirt had this fade of colors and I fell in love with it and knew we needed to do a version of this.  

Here is what turned out of the imaginarium.

Thursday 9/17 3PM CST

Our legendary goat shorts don't need much introduction.  We have been making these and refining them for 4 years now.  Get yours now.  Working on variety of colors and patterns on these.  I love these shorts and wear them almost everyday.  Thats why we will make a million variety of them.  

SEPTEMBER GIVEAWAY:  $2200 Niner RLT Gravel Bike

We have been doing a few giveaways here and there and well we love the response you guys have to it.  As a company we are always looking for creative ways to keep  you guys stoked.  Seems throwing some of our cash at some cool products to giveaway to some lucky customers has been a hit.  These will continue to grow.  

This month is a Brand New Niner RLT Gravel bike.  This bike will be brand new and the winner will be contacted at the end of the month to figure out 
appropriate sizing and our friends at WheelHouse Bikes will ship it out to you.

I have been riding more and more over the last year and I have fully fallen back in love with it.  Being able to share that with someone else is going to be awesome.   I know everyone doesn't have extra money to build up a nice bike.  So I hope this is exactly what the winner has been looking for.  




September 07, 2020