I have been very fuck yes about tie dye over the last few months.  I love the weirdness and pop of color.  We chose to make this half of the drop much more dramatic and bright. 
Spring is starting to pop up and that’s a big fuck yes for me.  Ready to be doing more training outside in the sun.  Ready for more adventures in the next few months 

Something about variations and randomness to the tie dye that create unique patterns on our clothes  I love that each piece is slightly different. 

Just like you and all of us. 
I have never wanted to fit inThe crowd that wants you to conform, wants comfort in knowing no one is different.  They are the same. 

Well , we are different.

We are strong.

We are accountable.

We are responsible.

We are willing to put in the effort to build our dreams. Stop wasting time on things and people that want to slow your progress down.  Find what works and pour the gas on it. 

Fuck yes or No. 
Simple decisions
March 23, 2021