Fire is completely indifferent to the person near it. We all can be burned and destroyed by it. This is how I view anxiety, social media(bullshit), and competition stress. All of these things are things universal for humans.

No one will be immune to it. All of these things have a innate energy to them. This energy and how it harnessed comes down to the individual. Like fire it will indifferently be able to destroy the hero and coward alike. Learn to take this elevated sense of urgency and put it to work for you.

Think of those feelings as something you can learn to use as additional fuel to pursue your goals. This is where heroes make progress instead of locking down and becoming a victim to these feelings lean into them and use it. Instead of losing control and letting it burn down your home, use it to forge new tools and improve where you are. This isn’t easy.

When you feel that wave coming over you. Deep breath and lean in. Learn to be ok in that feeling. When you can function there and succeed there you can be unstoppable. We all have doubt. We all fear failure. We all want smooth seas. But remember smooth seas don’t make great sailors.  The great ones have always learned to overcome it all.

Choose to be great and rise to the occasion.
October 01, 2018