There is nothing in my life I have found more rewarding than travel. Well that’s not entirely true I guess. Training has been another. Travel however has taught me a lot about myself and who I resort to being when I’m tired, uncomfortable, and crammed into tight places with strangers. I have a tendency to be the entitled, whining, asshole I hate so much. Dying of mild discomfort. Criticizing how a multinational company runs their business and what temporary comforts they provide. I am JACK’S inner bitch.

I’m currently sitting on the runway after four hours of delay trying to get to Reykjavík for the 8 time I have been. This two week adventure is right on the heels of a 36 day road trip. Where I spent 15 days in the Grand Canyon rafting, camping, and hiking. Then drove a total of 6500 mi through NV, CA, OR, WA, ID, MT, WY, CO, TX, and finally home. This is the road trip I have always wanted to do. Had a few ideas of where to go, but basically let the compass spin and go.

Quality time spent with friends new and old. To wake up for my journey home on aug 1st to have my truck broke into. Fuck. All my bags, clothes, camera, podcast stuff, and buddy’s gear bag taken. Fuck. Through that I can keep a straight head. It’s just stuff. It can be replaced. Minor headache in the grand scheme of things. Perspective always helps me stay sorted. Travel does provide me with that perspective. 

While providing me with all those things it also has a tendency to break me and kick my ass. It exposes the weak links in my armor. It surrounds me with loud strangers. It eliminates my personal space that the comfort of my vehicle provides me. While I have the freedom and means for travel and I am very fortunate with that. I still have the audacity to want to complain about the minor discomforts I am suffering. Slight sinus headache, not enough room, didn’t get to upgrade, tired, delays due to weather, and pile on inconvenience of all of it. All this turns me into a fucking bratty child. Seems I still have lessons to learn about being a better me.

See you don’t get the rewards of travel without work. These lessons are earned. Even taking this few min to write brings me back down out of the spiraling death circle I’ll allow my self to wallow in. Toughen up buttercup. This is what you wanted. Every second of this you chose. Nothing saying I can’t be on the couch or in my bed right now. Life is good. Great things await me on the other side. Stay focused on that part. Enjoy the ride. And at the very least I got this out of it.

Remember this temporary discomfort is that.  Temporary.  Once I’m on the ground it’s all over.  I’m there and the trip begins.  I’ll never remember this bullshit.  It shouldn’t even register. You’re tougher than this. 7 knee surgeries.  Ten years as an athlete.  Managing stress, work, building a business, pain, and set backs.  Don’t get beat by a fucking airport and airplane.  


August 09, 2018