Monday Morning 7:30am
I am finally waking up at a normal time. Only took three nights. Maybe not the most honest attempt at trying to get over jet lag. Since first two nights were spent drinking till two am with friends and celebrating Runar’s wedding. But here I am back to “normal” schedule. I really do want to be up with the sun. Travel does kick my ass a bit, especially when it comes to sleep. But as I say and try to live by REST WHEN IM DEAD.
You never know what time you’re going to have or what opportunities. Don’t live a life where you always can do it later or next year. These are terrible ideas that will forever have you chasing a “better time” when things are more convenient. Time and responsibilities will build and compound on you. It’s never going to be perfect. Shit. That could be the title to my life’s story. Sometimes you just have to make moves and sort through the bullshit after. There are tons of ways to look at things and figure out is this smart, is now the time, or should I wait? At some point you just have to start taking actions toward what you really want to accomplish and experience.
Iceland is a place for me I feel reinvigorated by every time I’m here. If earth has a frequency and vibration the one that’s here resonates with me completely. Last night Ashley and I spoke about dreams. Seems like both of us are interested in living in another country at some point. Fully immersing in another country.
We started talking about hurdles there are to move to Iceland. Maybe for extended stays are better for us like 3 months. The only real issue is our three dogs. That’s too long to leave them and they can’t come. Even if we permanently moved they can’t come. Laws and quarantine here locks them down for 6months. Just don’t think i can handle them in that situation. So we will wait. The life of our dogs is currently more important than the experience. But short trips to places will always continue. 
This country is never a let down. They are a simpler hard working people. I try to bring part of this place back with me every time. It’s a feeling I want. It’s no bullshit. There isn’t a feeling of people stuck doing the stupid shit out of obligation we all get caught in.
More than anything I think that’s the big thing I want to avoid and get away from in my life. 
OBLIGATIONS. We all have them. Responsibilities as well. Don’t mistake this for trying to just be a bum. It’s he time wasting parties, gatherings, and events we all attend that you don’t want to go to, but for some reason have to be there. I am trying to say fuck it to all of those. This for me frees up time to do more of what I love. This also keeps me from half way being places. Being completely present is something I want more and more. Work will always affect this sure, but I know I can be better at it.
This for me eliminates being somewhere and being obviously uninterested. If that’s the case “Why did I come?” So don’t go. Yesterday a friend back home was in a terrible car wreck and walked away. Can’t help but think of all the shit in that moment you wish you had done or question the times that you wasted.
I’ll never question the time spent with my chick exploring the world. It’s these times when I’m moving and seeing new things that my time alters and slows down. 16 days in the Grand Canyon, 20 days road trip and camping with friends, 6 days at home, 14 days in Iceland. I have so many ideas running right now. What I want, what matters, and how do we get there. The feeling of “now is the time” is where I want to stay. Not in a state of perpetual comfort wondering what happened to the year. Not wondering “What happened to the time?” I know what I did. My calendar reflects my time. It’s never sitting still. Trying to welcome some discomfort for the change and on the there side. This is the same for me as training. You don’t get results in diet or strength being comfortable.
Whatever you want In this life know NOW IS THE TIME, to start toward it. If it’s taken from you in any way your health, job loss, or death you don’t want to wonder what if. BUY THE TICKET and take the ride.
August 13, 2018