Recently during my travels around the country and elsewhere I have been thinking about outsourcing. What can you pull off your plate to have more time? You can hire assistants, house cleaners, yard people, coaches, nutritionist, etc. these all provide you with some breathing room to either work more (generating more money than it costs to pay someone to do those things for you) or do less. But what about the things that we can’t outsource?

This is a common equalizer. Something that reigns true for all strength athletes. From powerlifting and throwing, to Highland games and bodybuilding there is a common ground we all share. You don’t get better unless you do the work. This is what needs to be more focused on. You can’t pay someone to eat right for you and you can’t pay someone to put in the time and years it takes to get strong. That’s why in this industry you know of you see someone jacked ripped that you know they also love to suffer.

Even The Rock can have a private gym that travels with him or cardio in his hotel. That doesn’t mean it’s done. He eliminated obstacles.  But he still has to be the one that gets his ass up, gets to the gym and does the work. There is no escaping this. No magic bullet. No drugs. No cheats. It’s just do the FUCKING WORK!

Personally I love this. I love this equal playing field and indifference the weights and your body play degaussing strength. You can’t outsource getting strong. You have to take ownership of your goals make them priority cut out fluff that is in the way and dig in. Much of this will Be time by yourself. Lots of “what the fuck am I doing?” Moments have been had by everyone who is a lifer. But we have the ability to quiet that voice and over power. Not today mother fucker . Today we fucking get after it. Today we bleed for this. Today we earn where we will be in ten years.

This applies to everything. Your job, relationship, and happiness. No one will do it for you. Don’t let someone want your success more than you do. I have worked with athletes in the past that just didn’t have it. Don’t have the HVIII. Where I felt it was a constant motivational talk from me to get them going. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER! Do this cause you have to. Do it cause you love the work and the process. You want to learn from the journey. Landing on top of Everest without the climb is just a view. It’s the journey that makes us and teaches us. Dig in and love every minute of it.

(Excuse typos - written by my fat thumbs while doing cardio for an hour.)
October 24, 2018