As we grow older we stop playing, dreaming, competing, and just doing.  This isn't a path that is set in stone. We get comfortable with life. The routine. The work. The day-to-day. We don't have to pay as much attention.  Days fly by and weeks disappear into the ether of our past.  We go on autopilot.

Choosing to get better everyday changes that.  It changes the way we perceive how time is passing.  We are more aware. We are more present and alive.

This change in perception of time can compound with stimulus from conversations, new adventures, problem solving, and skill acquisition.  Whatever it is that you decide to dedicate time to get better at, I'm all for it. This feeling of keeping the mind and body operating and awake has been key for me in finding happiness and fulfillment out of my life.

Make sure you're leaning into challenges.  Figuring out how to keep the machine operating and ready for any challenge is a great driving focus for me. 

I want to be physically and mentally capable to attack anything that comes at me. 

So I train hard.
I eat food that fuels my progress.
I surround myself with peers that support my passion and they have their owns. 
I constantly find challenges to overcome and welcome them.

Im going to Stay Sharp and prepared for anything. 

Keeping the blade ready for the next attack.

June 22, 2021