There are a few items I love that we make more than others.  These two are pretty high on that list.  As custom cut and sew items we built both of these products from scratch and continue to refine them to make them better.  

7/16/2020 DROP:

Our GOAT shorts for those that are not familiar, are simply the Greatest Of All Time shorts you will own.  4 way stretch, killer designs, rad details, pockets, and ready to be used for gym or swimming.  I haven't found an environment these are not perfect for.  Well maybe "The Board Room" or a Funeral I guess, but outside of those you are set.  


Hiking, swimming, wake surfing, lifting, riding, and all around kicking ass.  We are also restocking our legendary FLORAL AF with the updated details and new logo.  You guys cleaned us out on the Every Day Khaki pair we dropped a few weeks back so those are back restocked as well.


Group all three together and save an additional 10%


DROP 7/23/2020:

The other awesome item we are breathing some new life and a few updates into is our Every Day Pack.  This fanny pack can hold all the things you need quick access too.  Seriously we fit like 20 star crunches into one.  

We changed the material and color.  Now in a olive green waterproof nylon.  Also all the patches have been updated to custom Rubber HVIII patches.  

This is a bag I never leave the house without.

July 15, 2020