Strength LAB E-Book

$ 25.00


Matt Vincent’s Strength LAB is a continuation of the principles that the original Training LAB brought forward. Simple training, done consistently to build max strength and explosive power is what athletes of any sport need for better performance. Using Sub-Maximal weight lifting, athletes will find it easier to progress and lower their risk of injury. This program is a combination of the ideas learned from Matt’s more than 17 years of training for sports performance.

Athletes in any sport need to address building strength and power. This is achieved efficiently with Block Periodization and focusing on the six main compound lifts: squat, deadlift, bench, push press, snatch, and clean. These are all full body lifts that are the most efficient movements for total body stength.

The program also addresses masters (40+) training, and includes various layouts for how to get the prescribed work done along with accessory lifts, and a total training philosophy. Also completely new to this book is the simple, no bullshit program: HVIII. One block, easily-digested, 5 week program for strength and power that can be run over and over without using blocks.

Consistent simple programming while pushing the right percentages will keep you healthy and making progress. Get out and start making the progress you want to.

Cheers and HVIII