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Fitting in is such an illusion. The idea that being part of the standard plan for people is safer, less risky, or easier, is a lie. There is a fear of not being like everyone else that is embedded from early on.

At about 4 years old, we start attending school, immediately into an authoritarian system where independent thought, dress, weirdness, and being too energetic are considered distractions to the information being taught. Until about 18 years old, we are conditioned into the normalcy of working life. 

Show up, sit down, shut up, listen to this, and believe it. The overarching concept is, the better you conform, the less bumpy the ride will be. Fail in school you’ll be a failure with threats of permanent records being tarnished, and medicate anyone outside the normal to conform.

This system is not designed to create leaders. It creates cogs in the machine. People are convinced that the American dream is work until you’re 65, and then you can live your rewards. Dinner always before dessert. 

We learn very early on that the right way is politely going to something everyday you don’t want to do. You can enjoy yourself only after the work is done.  Never are we taught that they can be the same. 

We operate on a currency of FEAR. The fear of failure to not match society's definition of success. That fear paralyzes people from taking action and making change. FEAR is what keeps people in line.  People are taught that they will be taken care of,  someone will help them, and figure out their lives for them and that if you just put your head down and work the “reward” will come. 

FEAR is what I see most in today's news and media. It’s what keeps us in place. It’s what keeps the current machine running. 

The current machine is the assembly line of life.  None of this is built to build on your strengths, but to have you “fit” in.  Standardized testing and a one size fits all basic education bring everyone to the middle. It will always punish and crush the spirit of the exceptional. It’s not built for us.

For those of us who did not fit in and refused to be part of the bullshit, thanks for the fire. Thanks for showing all of us weirdos other ways. Thanks to all those who have led the charge from the fringes looking in on the mundane routine that common people's life becomes. 

I will always risk failure before committing to chase someone else’s pre-manufactured idea of success. I will push my boundaries and always question the bullshit mediocrity that is taught as ideal.

You can change this world. 

It’s simple. 

Just make the best you for you. You don’t need permission from anyone. 

STAY DEFIANT.  Never fit in. 

July 18, 2022