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 Week 1172

This week was a great one. Many of you know I was asked to speak at an event for my friend’s coaching group, Limitless Society.

Keaton Hoskins (@the.muscle) put together an incredible lineup of speakers. I’m very proud of how I spoke and performed to a room of relative strangers that didn’t know my story. It was a hell of a chance at a first opportunity.

I’m currently coming off this high and self stoke on the experience. I’m already dreaming of how to do more of it, talking about how we can impact more people. I’m looking forward to meeting with my friends and figuring out how to grow this and impact as many people to make the most of their lives as we can.

This high has been great and with my own insanity, things quickly swing into some narcissistic waters (I allow this from time to time mentally. I know I’ll be reminded of my reality and brought back to baseline).

The universe dialed me back in quickly.

In yesterday' excitement, I did something I’ve never done before. I missed a flight. While it was no big deal and it happens, it doesn’t happen to me. I’ve flown 40+ times a year for over 15 years. With 600 flights and a flawless streak going, I think of the times I have sped to the airport, ran through terminals, and almost died to never miss flights. 

Then yesterday, I did it.  How you ask?  “Matt, it seems like you got this” you may think. 

I did it sitting at my gate an hour early.  Headphones in. Not paying attention. At some point, at about 9:45am, I thought,  “Damn shouldn’t we be boarding by now?”

I looked around and the metal door is shut and the jetway has pulled off the plane. “Fuck.”

I just missed it completely by not paying attention for over 45 minutes worth of boarding and them calling my name on the intercom. I was 30 inches from the door,  just facing the wrong way. 

I got up, walked to the help desk and politely found my next best option to get home. As I’m now sitting in the same flight a day later, I remember this. 

No matter how much you learn and how much you're capable of accomplishing things, you will always have moments

I can at the same time, in less than 16 hours, go from the highest high from performing at my best when it counts, to realizing I’m also a dumb dumb.

Be nice to yourself on mistakes. We all fuck up. Those of us trying to do hard things at the edge of our capabilities will fuck things up more than most. 

This speaking engagement and the high won’t be the highest high I ever feel, and I’ll damn sure do dumber shit in the future than missing this flight. I’M HERE TO LEARN AS MUCH AS I CAN FROM BOTH.
August 01, 2022