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Confidence and trust. These are the two biggest factors when it comes to relationships, including the one you have with yourself. Without these two things, you’ll forever second guess yourself and live a fear-based mediocre life. 

How do you build confidence and trust? By showing up. 

It’s not built on success or failure of the outcome; it’s confidence that once you commit, you are all in. 

You’re up for the challenge of figuring it out. This is easy to develop in the gym and with athletics. Showing up everyday for a long term goal. Confidence is built through reps.  Experience is gained. Trust is earned. 

In relationships, confidence is not wasting my energy on bullshit feelings. Jealousy, scarcity, or feeling attacked ever. I trust my partner and have confidence in our love. It’s not fragile, and won’t be treated as such. In turn, she trusts me to show up. She trusts me to hold space.  She trusts me to do what I say I’ll do. Why? Because her experience with me has taught her I am trustworthy. 

Trying to develop either of these without the work and reps is simply . You have the power in you to take action and develop confidence where you can feel safe and trust your decisions when things get crazy in life.

Confident to leave a job.
Confident to apply for promotion.
Confident to open a business.
Confident to take on a challenge.
Confident any trusting that you have the power every day to CREATE YOUR LIFE!

If you don’t realize it.  It doesn’t change that you’re still choosing the life you have.  It’s just you choose to be limited on what you can do out of FEAR. 

Don’t live that way. 

Live a life worth dying for

Week 1167 in the books.

October 10, 2022