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Week 1166

Finding yourself comfortable, fat, unchallenged, and slowly morphing into the civilized world is what we believe success looks like. While more often than not, this pursuit doesn’t bring fulfillment. 

I was brought up on the idea of what would and should look like success. Good grades, not getting in trouble, playing sports, go to college, find a job, and keep going further down the path just like everyone else. 

Except the older I have gotten, the less I believe most people are happy. I have felt that most people, by the time they hit 30, feel behind, lost, in routine, and too late to change and start over. 

It’s fucking scary to back that cruise ship up that has been building momentum to where you currently are after 30 years. It’s easy to hold firm and ride it out for the remainder of your time.  

Protect the lie. 

“I should be happy.” 
“This is enough.” 
“People have it worse.” 
“That would be nice, but I can’t.”  

All are equally bullshit.

This decision to accept average and good enough instead of finding out your potential is lost on me.  We are wired to compete, fight, problem solve, and adventure.  No matter what chapter of my life I look back on, I see my happiest times are when I am building. Training for something, learning new things, and pushing my limits and expanding my abilities further. It’s the pursuit.  It’s the unknown ahead that keeps my fire lit.  It’s taking part in an adventure and getting to let my effort be a key component to my success or failures. 

I rest better after I have done hard things.
I’m more grateful after hard efforts.
I’m in better shape after training consistently.
New experiences shape us and add to our experience and knowledge. 

People want confidence and self esteem. Well, both are forged from doing hard things and continuing to show up. You won’t die. You’ll learn. You’ll figure it out. I can’t give you permission to be confident. You earn it through trials. 

The world is in a lot of chaos currently.  Remember that you are free to do whatever the fuck you want.  Stop allowing anyone or anything to choose your life for you.  Fuck all the disgusting divisive rhetoric we hear daily.  SHUT IT THE FUCK OFF AND MAKE YOURSELF HARDER TO KILL.  

Action toward where you want to be will save you from this.  Learn who the fuck you are and what makes you tick.  Pursue being the best you possible.

October 17, 2022