Monday Motivation Banner

ADHD, neuro divergent, lost, scared, no confidence, broke, depressed, stuck, are all labels we get to decide the effect of. As a full time lunatic, I love staying busy and doing the next thing. 

I can find myself often stuck in the “getting shit done, to start the next thing” mode.  Not giving proper attention to the things I’m doing, but more, damn, look at how much I am doing.

Right? I imagine you’ve been there. 

You have the ability to master the space inside your head. This is a big part of mastering how to get the most out of your machine. This is your journey to figure out.  Learning how to focus and delay gratification will be the hardest lessons for you to master. 

I learned it through physical training. I was able to see progress from HARD FUCKING WORK.  I got to see what focused effort for ten years can do. 

Take time every day and write the three things you can do today to move the needle. What task gets you closer to your goals? And WHY IS THAT GOAL IMPORTANT? 

If your goal sucks, or if you’re not into it, then FIND ANOTHER YOU GIVE A FUCK ABOUT!  It won’t work unless you care about it more than anything else.

MASTER YOUR ATTENTION and you can create anything you want. 

November 07, 2022