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I found microdosing psilocybin to be of incredible value to me. Through this process of taking an almost imperceivable amount daily, I am getting a lot of positive benefits and creating change within

Continuing on my journey, I am no longer singular in my pursuit. I want to be ready for any challenge I find interesting.

The best way for me to manage those things is pushing some of my limits everyday and creating adaptation to the stress, making me more resilient through the experiences. Over time, the discomfort from these microdoses continues to strengthen me.

Daily sauna, cold plunges, sprints, and regular training add to that physical side of adaptation.  It’s not one workout, it's the years of work. Microdosing exercises is what creates change.

For pushing myself in relationships, mental health, and emotional intelligence, I have to be challenged as well and dig into the roots of why I feel that way. By microdosing stress, I can learn to better manage it. I can learn how to control my breathing to slow down any panic.  But without these microdoses of discomfort, I don’t get to test these systems to see what works for me.

I am not interested in giving control of my mind, body, or soul over to anything I’m not in control of.  I want to be in alignment with my intentions and actions.

Like anything else I want to improve at, it will take reps. Either I can choose to pick my own stress everyday, or sit scared and always be on defense for life to attack you.

Either way the choice is yours.

I choose to be fully in control of my life and the direction it goes.

Try hard things you want or be crushed when the hard things life chooses find you.

December 12, 2022