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The butterfly effect is an idea that goes along with chaos theory. Small events can lead to giant changes. This is often used in film or stories recharging time travel. 

It is really easy to see how going back in time and chasing one small, minimal thing could have catastrophic repercussions years later. I love this idea. Now reframing it to make it motivational for me to maintain consistent habits has been a fun new mindset. I’ll try and explain.

If going back in time and changing one small thing alters everything that follows, then today you are at that point in time. Today is when you can make the small change that alters the course of your future. People underestimate what huge changes can come from small consistent choices. 

Here is how it really works.

Do I think you’re going to change your life by doing 10 push-ups and having a cold shower everyday? NO. But here is what I damn sure know for a fact. The person who can be that consistent with their ACTIONS has the discipline to delay gratification and can accomplish anything they want.

YOU ARE THE ACTIONS YOU CHOOSE MOST OF THE TIME.  This builds self confidence and trust.  Which is where self love grows.  It’s hard to have self love if you don’t trust yourself to show up for you. START SHOWING UP.

What will be the things you choose?  Will they be things aligned with your goals? Or will they be just staring at the tv waiting for a perfect time to start.  NOT DEAD YET

1146 weeks to go.

January 09, 2023