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Your time here is so limited. Are you making the most of it? Are you living with your actions that are supporting your dreams?

Or are you just getting by with a passive, unfulfilled life?

My father passed away at 62 on the day before I turned 31. On that day, I had a wakening. A realization that FOREVER and the safety of “I’ll do it tomorrow” are both a LIE.

I leaned into that feeling, and ultimately figured out that meant I had 1,612 weeks left to accomplish all my dreams. Now at 39, I have a miniscule 1144 weeks left. I will never lose sight of the gift those weeks left are.

In the last 7 years I left a corporate job.

I started a 7 figure apparel brand. Won a world championship in the highland games.

Traveled to Africa and white water rafted, road tripped around the country multiple times, took epic motorcycle trips, slept under the stars in Iceland and Africa. I hiked mountains in Patagonia, stood on glaciers, and started a 6 figure mentorship/coaching group. 

I wrote a book (due later in 2023), lost 90 lbs, rode 243 miles on my bike in a single day, did a 19 mile trail run on a fake knee, and created thousands of videos and content sharing my story and hardships.

Unlocking this realization took away the fear of risk. I’m dying anyway. The end of the story is always the same. I get to write the pages in front of me everyday I get to breathe.

I'm not wasting another minute. I suggest you do the same. 

Find your spark and tend the flame. Build a giant inferno inside of you big enough to light the path through any darkness.

1144 weeks

January 16, 2023