We are a little over 1/6th through the new year

What are your plans for this decade? 

Do you want something different? 

Do you want to make progress?

Well, tick-tock

Think about how fast the last ten years went. 

What do you have to show for that decade of your life? Did you accomplish what you hoped? Or are you stuck in something comfortable but unfulfilling? 

Whatever you decide to do this next ten years and whatever goals you accomplish or don’t, 2030 will be here soon, and you may as well be doing what you want by then.

Ten years is how long it takes to really be good at something. 

What do you want to be good at? I remember a jiu jitsu coach saying, “No matter what you do, you’re going to be somewhere doing something in ten years. May as well also be a black belt.” Maybe this sport isn’t for you. But the idea holds true. 

Have a plan for this chapter of your life. 

Get some direction about what is important to you. It’s ok if this changes. You can pivot. But don’t aimlessly float through. Nothing scares me more than waking up one day and not knowing where my time went. 

Own your time. 

Sort through what’s holding you back. Make sure it isn’t you. 

Stay in the fight and keep going. A lot of people that set out to make significant changes in the new year have already fallen off the wagon and are waiting silently for the next Monday, month, year to try again. 

Want to do new things, start a diet, lose weight, get stronger, compete, write a book, start a business? 

The best time to have started all those things was 10 yrs ago. The second best time to start is RIGHT FUCKING NOW.
March 13, 2023