This is a weird and uncertain time for all of us. We're experiencing history right now.

We’ve never globally connected quite like this. Humans everywhere are in the same boat.

This is currently a stressful time, and a lot of us are unsure of what the next few weeks or months can hold.

Here are a few things to help manage that stress.

  1. Be kind and empathetic.
    We're all going through a stressful time right now. Your situation isn’t unique or special. Treat everyone as though they are dealing with super hard times right now. We’re all scared of what’s going on.

  2. Train every day.
    You have time. Don’t get overwhelmed thinking about your normal training program. This isn’t a normal time right now. Get creative and challenge yourself with bodyweight exercises. For those that think it’s boring or not enough, how about you try not being a spoiled brat about things and develop some resolve to hold a higher standard during a stressful time?

  3. Go for a few walks every day.
    You can go outside and have headphones in and get some fresh air. It’s easy to sit inside and feel like everything is collapsing. Get away from the news and media and focus on your bubble and what you can control. Fresh air and green spaces should be a priority. Studies have shown that 30 minutes' worth of walking in a green space can lower hormones directly that affect depression by 60%.

  4. Hold your work to a high standard and show that it can be done.
    This is especially directed at those who are working from home for the first time. You’re not going to slack off and let thingst get behind. Do it because you’re accountable to your co-workers and yourself. Don’t take the easy road here.

  5. Take this opportunity to do it.
    Have you been wanting to start a new thing? Write a book. Learn something new. Now is a perfect time to start that. Most of us won’t get a forced pause quite like this ever again, so take advantage of it. 

This time will come to pass. You have two options for your life on the other side of this: you can have a lot of things to fix due to laziness, or you can come out of this in better shape and more prepared to hit the ground running.

Choose to be the latter version instead of letting stress compile and crush you.

Now is time to take fucking action and control your life and stress.

March 20, 2023