If you think about your energy like a fuel tank, how are you spending your daily allotment?  When you spend your hours and energy wisely, you make progress. Simple equation, right? 

Recently, I’ve found myself thinking back to the different chapters of my life and how I spent my time & energy during those chapters. Years 20 through 27 were spent worrying a lot about what other people were doing:  

“What did they think of this?”  

“Would they think this is cool?”  

“Did you hear what ____ said?” 

This noise and bullshit way of thinking, this is learned from other people in your life. People that are most likely spending the majority of their time sitting around and talking sh*t about other people. Level up your mind and the people around you. If you surround yourself with people who feel better about themselves after talking badly about other people just because they’re doing better than them for any reason, reevaluate yourself and your surroundings.

From the years 28 through 33, I spent all of my time focused on just the problems in front of me. If it wasn’t in my line of sight, I didn’t think about it. Things like: 

“My boss is the one in my way.”  

“This guy I share the office with isn’t letting me grow.”

“I can’t make enough money because ________.”

“If I could just get this one thing, then everything would be so cool.”

“Why does it always work for them and not me?” 

I lived and breathed that “must be nice'' type of mentality. Now, I see these kinds of people as the ones that have escaped a little and are actively trying to make “it” work, whatever it is for them. At this stage, everyone is hustling and trying to figure it out. They’re finally making a little money, but most of their time is spent doing a job they probably don’t love and they’re surrounded by people who feel the same. 

These people want to make a good living in exchange for all their free time, hobbies, and passion. They’re happy with wanting the “comfortable” life: nice house, white picket fence, safe job. But there comes a point at which they may start seeing other people have all the things they’ve wanted. The things you’ve wanted. 

Free time can generate bitterness. But this mindset, this “it must be nice” view of things, it’s what’s keeping you and others stationary. You may think that there is a magic formula, that they’ve somehow found a secret, or that this was something you can’t have but, that’s just the idea of scarcity raising its ugly head. 

Finally, I’ve reached a point where I’ve begun to think outside the box. That point when you begin to spend your time discussing ideas and how to accomplish them, instead of thinking “it must be nice.” This doesn’t require you to be a millionaire, it just requires some insight into yourself. Think about it…what is it that makes YOU happy and fulfilled?  

The people that get to this point…these people have figured out that THEY are the only limiting factor in their lives. They’re free to try anything. You’re free to try anything. The only things that truly matter are the things that are important to you. 

Those are my kind of people. People set on chasing dreams and putting together a concrete plan. Those who aren’t scared to risk it, to be stressed out, and who continually choose to hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes. These people are not intimidated or challenged by others' success.  In fact, they’re inspired by it. They know anytime they see someone succeed, all it means is that they can do the same.  

Choose the better path. 

You can always restart.  

You can always decide when the bullsh*t stops. 

Spend your time and energy in a progressive way, ways that make you better. If you find that you’re not happy with where you are, it’s a choice. It’s your choice

Unbind yourself from all of the bullshit and take responsibility for your life. I’m not saying it will be easy. Nothing is easy, but no one can do it for you. If you find yourself stuck in either of the first two first mindsets, get your sh*t sorted and start getting stoked on everyone else's success. That kind of energy… It’s contagious, and it always comes full circle back to you. 

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July 03, 2023