This seems to be something we as a species are really terrible at managing well. When we find abundance, we don’t just grab what we need. We hoard it. 

From over stuffing our faces, how we use technology, cigarettes, medications, to deeper looks of only wanting to ever feel good and happy. Or possibly more important to NOT feel scared or anxious.

This lack of self control leads us in the direction of begging some government entity to restrict some freedoms because we eliminated personal accountability from being a valuable trait. Don’t think for a second that the governing body (corporations, gov, tech companies) who profits from your learned helplessness is going to want you realizing that you can be accountable without their help. 

You don’t need some overarching daddy figure protecting you from yourself.  Take the fucking wheel. Stop giving anyone outside of your head power over you. Manage your health. Eat real food. Exercise. Get off meds. Move more. Go outside. Get away from people focused on the bullshit. Realize how awesome life is. Get the freedom that comes from understanding you are in control of your life and everything that happens in it.

Develop the discipline to make progress. Let consistency and effort do their job. Success and health are not magic, they are work. So are happiness and confidence. Everything takes effort.  

It’s going to be fucking hard. 

Avoiding the down times is the weakest excuse for a mediocre life. Love and fuck up, drink too much, try new things that scare you, push yourself to your physical limit, read material you disagree with, surround yourself with people smarter than you, admit you don’t know shit, accept that one day you’re going to die, and no matter what you choose, your existence will be forgotten by time. 

The story all ends the same way. Dead. That air in your lungs right now is the gift. Do something with it. Stand up DEFIANT of the prescribed complacency in today's culture.  Find your edges, sharpen your teeth, and give life the fight it deserves.  

July 17, 2023