As one of the 4 agreements (if you haven’t read this please do), this one hits differently. It is easy to think you’ll know how something will go, so you avoid it or talk yourself out of it. Same way you can project your feelings onto actions someone else took, thinking you know why they did it.

Not making assumptions is about controlling your mindset and your energy. It is easy to create a story in our head about why a thing happened or how it will go if I try. In fact this is naturally how people think. However, it is a huge hindrance and can negatively impact your life in more ways than you know.

When you quit assuming what you don’t know as fact, you open your world to opportunities.  You quit talking yourself out of things. I meet countless people that want to get into real estate but talk themselves out of it before they start. “I heard it was hard, tenants are a hassle, repair costs will be huge” which are all possible problems down the road for sure. You’re letting all the imaginary problems you may encounter at step 100 block you from starting step 1. 

Instead go into any experience you’re interested in with an open mind. Let the experience you are having shape your opinion. More often than not, I have been very wrong about things. Hell, there are cities I have been scared to travel to like Cape Town, but the reality was very different. 

The point is, quit letting your assumptions get in the way of your goals, especially letting it trap you in a life you don’t love living. Quit assuming you’ll fail. Quit assuming that the thing that offended you had anything to really do with you, and quit assuming you are right without ever having any experience.

Experience is the greatest teacher in life. Through those experiences, challenging or easy, we learn. It’s too often we focus on all the cons for something long before a real problem exists. 

Try everything and have a valid opinion about if that is for you or not. Damn sure don’t limit your options and opportunities before you even try. 

Damn sure don’t make assumptions about someone who will think about you trying something new.  Who cares, try anyway.

Remember all roads end the same way. We will all be dead and no one will care. Take a shot at greatness while you can.

July 24, 2023