Life can be easily broken down into choices. Every single day we have to make a choice. We have the option to choose the safe and easy path, and we have the option to choose the path unknown. You know the path I’m talking about: the path that contains all of our “what if’s” and dreams.

“What if I had applied for that job?”

“What if I had taken that trip?”

“What if I would have moved across the country?”

“What if I had started that business?”

At some point, you might reach a point where it feels like life is starting to pass you by. Maybe you’ve found yourself working a job that drains you, you feel like something is missing, and you’re finding yourself thinking more about the big “what if’s.” The question is, when you reach that point... what’s keeping you from taking the leap?

In this life, we only get one chance… Every second that ticks by is an opportunity and a choice you don't get back, so why accept a life of quiet "what if’s” and let everything you want to do pass you by? Life’s too short to wonder about what could have been, so take a chance, take a risk, and give it hell. Be willing to fail, go through challenges, put yourself out there, and chase your passions. 

I’m not recommending taking one path over the other, or even saying that you have to abandon everything you know. What I’m saying is that you need to step back and make sure that YOU are at the wheel of your life and living how YOU want to. If you’re playing it safe and still not feeling fulfilled, then why not take a chance on doing the things you’ve dreamed about? 

Buy the ticket, embrace the unknown, turn your what if’s into when’s, and keep swinging for the fences.

October 30, 2023