Make what you already know great again.

I had this bouncing around my head one weekend while our NDYL mentorship group was in STL for a meet up. We attacked a 12 mile hike on an icy, snow covered, muddy trail. During this, I kept thinking about the direct benefits of challenges. 

My everyday life is extremely comfortable. I have a great warm home, comfortable bed, and a fridge full of food. Now when I spend time challenging myself, I always appreciate those things more. I find more gratitude for the comforts I have and less dependence on them. 

Nothing can make a simple, slightly frozen peanut butter and jelly sandwich taste better than any other meal like hunger. You have to build the desire for it. Just like how tap water tastes when you’re extremely thirsty. If I think back to my childhood summers playing out in the woods all day or the neighborhood field we always used for sports. Nothing was better than laying on the ground to get access to a water spigot. This water is glacier fed and sure doesn’t have reverse osmosis on it.  

My point is that creating the desire for those simple things is built on discomfort. 

Don’t like your bed?

Go do a 4 hour hike.

Your bed is great, possibly heavenly.

Don’t want to eat more boring meals that are better fuel for you?

Get hungry and they all taste great. 

My point is: you can reset how much you appreciate the comforts you have.  But also not letting those be the standards in your life.  Simply have gratitude for those comforts. 

Have gratitude for being warm. 

Having food.

Having options.

Having technology.

Having the opportunity to choose to be hungry and tired when you don’t have to be. 

Do hard things and push yourself to be uncomfortable more often.  

If you honestly want change in your life and your environment, stop talking and dreaming about it and start being. 

Breath-work, walking outside, fasting, and exercise are all free tools to reset your gratitude.

My suggestion is if you want change, then start changing.  

Quit waiting for permission or the right time. It’s later than you think. 



November 13, 2023