While most of these motivational musings have been a bit of the tough love, no bullshit variety, I think it's imperative to take some time for gratitude.

It's easy to get frustrated and get dark when things aren’t the way you want them.

I'm inspired by travel, seeing new places, and experiencing different challenges. These things keep my head and body firing on all cylinders. I'm trying to take this time in stride and do a few things I don't normally do.

Instead of getting frustrated, I'm trying to embrace this challenge.

I'm trying to be better about the little things that I would push off when I was always on the move. I'm changing my mindset to being grateful for this time. And being thankful for the opportunity to reach my audience in a better way. Produce more content. Write more.

I owe everything to all of you. All of you who are out there reading this. Those who support NDY. Those who listen to the UMSO podcast. Those who watch the Youtube videos.Those who send me messages about your struggles with rehab or life. Those who share with me what the overall message has meant to you.

I can't say thank you enough for the opportunity to serve you all. I will continue to put out content and products I believe in and stand behind.

My goal is to have people find that fire within them to drive forward, relentlessly. To share the message of self-accountability. To build a community that knows that no matter what the day brings that a stronger life is a better one.

Thank you for being part of this world. Again, thank you all for supporting me. I am forever in debt to you.

You all are what motivate me to constantly get better and be the best me I can be.

November 20, 2023