Contrasts provide perspective.

The light needs the dark to be defined.

The self needs the other.

Happiness is nothing without sadness.

They are two parts of the same wave.

Trying to only ride the crest of waves is impossible. Without the low points in that frequency, there is no reference to have awareness of it.

Learning how to love the low points is a battle. Loving the whole journey is what makes you free to experience it all.

Stop avoiding the ups and downs by trying to spend your life on calm, flat seas.

When you steal away the lows with medication, distraction, and constant comfort, we find ourselves with no high points.

All the feelings of anxiety, physical discomfort from a life of discomfort, depression, and isolation are things to listen to.

It’s the self begging you to change.

Get out of that environment.

Get away from those people.

Get out of the trap of comfort.

Embrace the dance of life and all the chaos that comes with it. It’s not to be feared but loved and respected.

When you find that flow, you’re in tune with existence. Learn how to listen to all the information our intuition provides instead of ignoring the whispers and subtle hints it gives for direction.

If you neglect those feelings long enough, the voice doesn’t go away; it will get louder, screaming for you to take action. Yet you’ll still try to pretend that feeling is the problem and not the actions you take trying to avoid change.

Adapt or Die.

There are a lot of deaths we experience.

We either let our old ideas and identities die, or we let our happiness and dreams die.

March 08, 2024