"No" is one of the most powerful words we have when used to create.

“No” allows us to focus on what is most important to us.

Saying no to the bullshit, to the excuses, to the people that want us to stay the same is what gives you a chance to focus.

When all you do is say yes and live with the day-to-day FOMO of daily distractions, you cut yourself short on developing the long-term vision for greatness.

Building self-worth will require you to say no to unhealthy foods, excessive drinking, and repeating the low-frequency interactions that keep you stagnant.

Stay in and work on your dreams, learn new information, save to attend something that will change you.

Every time you say yes to someone else’s agenda, you are saying no to your long-term dreams. And at some point, like most people, you’ll convince yourself those dreams weren’t for you.

You can’t get the results you want without the sacrifice, without the effort, without the discipline to build it.


What that person is focused on.

What type of people they are around.

How you take care of your health.

How you talk to people and yourself.

And SAY NO to everything not aligned with that.

You’re going to lose people along the way. Shed that skin and the old identity to allow for the growth you really want.

It will hurt at first, but like any skill, it gets easier. Then, the next thing you know, you’re living that life you dreamed about, and people will ask you how it happened. They will tell themselves you're lucky, not committed.

It’s either a "FUCK YES" or a "NO."

My dreams are a way bigger fuck yes than today's shiny distraction. 

March 08, 2024